New site of Rock Debugger.
Site is under construction.

For more information about Rock Debugger please visit old site of debugger.
To download previous version of Rock Debugger please visit download page.
To know more about author please download resume.

This site will be available some later when new version of Rock Debugger will be developed.

In new version the debugger kernel has been completely made over as well as the interface and plugins engine.
The primarily features of the new version are:

The thousands lines of code have already been written but I still can say nothing about the final release date. You can promote the project development by different ways. Translate the Russian documentation into English, suggest good icons for the debugger, write a useful plugin etc.

Rock Debugger 3.0 Community Technology Preview (CTP)


A new version of the Rock Debugger is available.

This is the first public release of Rock Debugger 3.
It is the pre-release version. The goal of this CTP release is to provide a preview to the community on early thinking and direction on key 3.0 features and get early feedback on them.

You can download the new version from here.

Rock Debugger 3 GUI preview


Now you can see how Rock Debugger version 3 will be looked

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